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About Eaglercraft

Eaglercraft and EaglercraftX is a Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.8.8 Javascript port, respectively, authored by LAX1DUDE.

Visit the Eaglercraft subreddit (/r/eaglercraft) for more information. Here's an old FAQ by ayonull for reference.

Before Eaglercraft

In the early days of Minecraft, Mojang utilized Java applets to embed their game onto a browser. This allowed Minecraft 1.5.2 to be played on most web browsers, for free. However, Java applets became obsolete over time and wouldn't be allowed to run on modern browsers. This also marked the transition from Mojang's embedded web browser game onto executable files that can run on devices instead. A popular way even today is to use Internet Explorer to run the old Minecraft 1.5.2 applet, but it's inconvenient since you'd need to configure it a certain way.

A New Player Has Entered the Game

From 2021 to 2022, an individual going by the alias LAX1DUDE wanted to port Minecraft over to a modern web browser, by way of Javascript and HTML5. He wanted a challenge and devoted a lot of time reverse engineering the game. He eventually released Eaglercraft, based on Minecraft 1.5.2. At the time it only included Multiplayer, which was more than enough to get people interested in playing.

Its popularity spread on TikTok, where users would post how to play Eaglercraft on a low-end device such as a Chromebook. These clips would get millions of views, and promoted several popular Eaglercraft servers as well. This was especially useful in schools that deploy chromebooks and similar hardware. Peak hours of gameplay would be on school lunch break, and the several hours after school. The most attractive part of Eaglercraft was the ability to run and join a custom server, which had its own communities.

In September of 2022, LAX1DUDE added singleplayer mode. Players could then play survival mode, creative mode, or hardcore mode with local worlds.


As a nice Christmas gift, LAX1DUDE and ayunami2000 released EaglercraftX, based on Minecraft 1.8.8 on December 26th. He only released the tools to decompile Minecraft on Github, instead of the actual game files.

While development has virtually stopped due to legal concerns, the game still lives on behind the scenes. By the way, we don't host any game files!

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