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We ("") are not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft. We provide links to the old Minecraft 1.5.2 version, multiplayer Eaglercraft version, other versions, a custom launcher, and free trials. We also provide a method on how to earn coins to redeem a Minecraft account. This website is for educational purposes only. We do not host any games on our servers nor do we condone piracy.

The games shared on this website are meant for computers, unless otherwise noted. If you enjoy Minecraft, you should buy the game.

Ways to Play Minecraft Free

There are many ways to try Minecraft before you buy the game. You can play from most devices, including PC, chromebooks, macbooks, Linux machines, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Xbox, and Playstation. There's even a way you can get a Minecraft account without actually paying for one.

Minecraft Unblocked (Browser)

From your browser, you can play Minecraft 1.5.2, Eaglercraft, ClassiCube, or Minecraft Classic.

Minecraft 1.5.2 - the official but outdated Java applet version you can play in singleplayer or multiplayer mode. Requires Internet Explorer.

Eaglercraft - an unofficial Javascript/HTML5 port to play Minecraft 1.5.2 in multiplayer mode, compatible with all browsers.

ClassiCube - a fanmade version of Minecraft's creative mode. It's basically Minecraft Classic, but better! Unfortunately there's no sound, but you can play online.

Minecraft Classic - the official, watered down version of Creative Mode. You can't fly around or really do much, but you do start out with the unlimited blocks and can build whatever you want. You can also invite friends to join you.

Custom Minecraft Launcher

For PC, you can play Minecraft by downloading a custom launcher, which includes singleplayer and multiplayer. In general, it's widely accepted that using a custom launcher in order to bypass the need for a premium Minecraft account is forbidden. That said, we aren't responsible for how you use SKLauncher.

SKLauncher - the #1 custom Minecraft launcher that includes everything you want in the PC version of Minecraft.

It works on Windows, macOS, and even Linux. All you need to do is register an account on their website, login to create your profile, and download the launcher. Finally, enter "offline" mode and play singleplayer or join unofficial servers via multiplayer. Learn how to setup SKLauncher*.

This custom launcher provides the latest version of Minecraft. Please note that you won't be able to play online in official servers. So unless you have a premium Minecraft account, you'll only be able to join unofficial servers. Learn how to play multiplayer*.

*For educational purposes only.

Free Minecraft Trials (Official)

There are various free trials which are available across many platforms, including PC, console, and mobile devices.

Minecraft (Trial) - available on Windows, macOS, Xbox, and Playstation.

These versions will allow you to play Survival Mode with a time limit. You can use this time frame to learn the game's mechanics, especially how to craft essential items and survive the night against monsters.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Trial) - designed for mobile Android and iOS devices, the Pocket Edition offers a near one-to-one gaming experience as the original PC version.

One advantage over the other versions is you can also play Creative Mode, where you have access to unlimited blocks and can build whatever you want. This is great for trying out the game on the go, and also has a time limit. However, you won't be able to enjoy third party servers or modifications.

Surveys and Offers

You could visit to use coins you earn from completing surveys and offers to trade in for a Minecraft account, or real money.